Delivery and return

We carry out delivery both in the territory of the Republic of Armenia and outside the borders of the country, in particular, in the Russian Federation.

You can choose the delivery option during order registration.


You can also receive your order by visiting our store at 35 Tumanyan str, Yerevan Tumanyan 35.

Working hours: 10:00-10:00, 7 days a week.

Receive via courier

The courier service operates in the territory of Yerevan city.

Delivery cost in Yerevan

Delivery availability The value of the ordered product  up to 100,000 AMD More than 100,000 AMD

Delivery time

Term Delivery in RA, RF
9:00 - 22:00 Free

Delivery in RA, RF

We cooperate with the best delivery companies, such as “СДЕК”, “DHL”, “FEDEX”, “Haypost” delivering to any region of Armenia and Russia.When registering the order, you can choose the most convenient delivery company for you. A flexible payment system is in place. You can pay by bank transfer, bank card on the website, as well as pay in cash when you receive the product. Details can be found in the Payment section.

The delivery cost is indicated on the order form page when selecting the shipping country.

Return terms

You have the right to refuse the product at any time before receiving it, and within 7 (seven) calendar days after receiving the product, in accordance with Article 26.1 of the RA Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights".The return of the product is possible if the perfect appearance of the product has been preserved (including labels, packaging, etc.), as well as documents documenting the purchase of the product and describing the conditions of purchase, cash register receipts, warranty receipt, etc. are available.If a bulk purchase was made, the product boxes must also be present for the return. In case of bulk purchase, the product is not subject to partial returns.

Products returned after the above date or in improper condition are not subject for return. Shipping and other charges are also non-refundable. Return of complex technical equipment for legal entities is not specified by the mentioned law.You can refuse to fulfill the terms of the sales agreement and demand a refund of the money paid for the product or an exchange of the product in an improper condition only if there is a malfunction or non-compliance of the sold product with the initial technical specification. Identified discrepancies must be confirmed by a written conclusion of the service center (act, etc.).In other cases, if you have a warranty card, you have the right to warranty repair.


The appearance of the product, the completeness of the product, as well as the entire order must be checked by the buyer at the time of receiving the product. After receiving and accepting the order, complaints about external defects, quantity, completeness and product appearance of the product are not accepted. The warranty service period for each product is indicated on the warranty card.

In case of product malfunction, you can contact our service center.

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Gadget repair

Repair of any device in a convenient place and at a convenient time.Just fill out the application and our master will be with you within 15-50 minutes.